Selena Gomez Cancelled Her Tour To Battle Lupus?!

When Selena Gomez said she was canceling part of her tour for “personal reasons,” we wondered if it had to do with Justin Bieber.

But the Come And Get It singer may be dealing with more serious health issues than heartbreak. She may be taking the time off to deal with lupus!

According to an unverified report, Selena was diagnosed with the rare autoimmune disorder over two years ago but has seen an increase in “flares” lately. According to the source of the report, Selena’s rise in symptoms, which include facial swelling, extreme fatigue, and joint pain, have convinced her to take it easy. The source says:

“Selena has been going full throttle the past few years and her Lupus is really catching up with her right now. She knows that she needs to take some time to address the disease and look after herself better if she wants to live a full and healthy life.”

Selena and her reps have not confirmed any of this, so for now we’ll just let Selena’s announcements speak for themselves. But we will say that we hope no matter what Selena is facing, she has our full support!